Updating procedure huawei e220

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It is still possible to connect an external antenna without opening the device and using the (internal) external antenna connector.

Together with a high gain antenna like an LPDA or an OMNI booster antenna and an adapter, signal strength can be considerably improved.

E220 works well with Linux, as support for it was added in Linux kernel 2.6.20 (2007-02-04 formatted with CDfs, thus emulating a CD-ROM drive.

In this memory, E220 devices supplied by mobile operators may contain 3G dialer software written by the operator, while Huawei-branded devices contain Huawei's original dialing software, which they call 'Dashboard'.

Since the release of Windows 7 users have reported a number of issues that require a firmware upgrade to the modem.

Huawei have released new firmware to the operators, who have generally made it available on their websites.

The standard way of obtaining firmware updates is through the service provider, however some firmware updates are publicly available over the Internet and some users have cross-flashed (i.e.

using a firmware provided by service provider "X" with modem supplied by service provider "Y") their modems without trouble.

Flashing the firmware of this device doesn't change the USB Mass Storage memory used for the operator's software, therefore connection settings (such as APN) will be retained.

The E220 antenna is internal; the USB cable does not act as an antenna.

The external antenna connector is not accessible without opening the device (voiding any warranty).

Most of available E220 HSDPA Modems are Locked to a particular service provider or a network and no one can use it for other networks.

There is no need to get the latest version of E220 Firmware for unlocking.

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