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In all cases, the neighborhood must have at least 1,200 enumerated dwellings, from which a random sample of 200 is taken.The methodology of the MMP thus yields results with a high degree of representativeness at the community level, and in some of the smaller pueblos and ranchos investigators have been able to survey every household in the community.Each year, during the winter months (when seasonal migrants are home), the Mexican Migration Project randomly samples households in communities located throughout Mexico.

The process of selecting communities for the Mexican Migration has traditionally relied on anthropological methods.Men create an underlying culture in bars and brothels where there is a mutual trust and understanding that they will cover for one another.In these contexts, men prove their sexual independence to other men and are expected to have sexual relations that would be unacceptable in any other context.Extramarital affairs of married men institutionalize the transfer of STIs from high risk populations to the general population (4).Wives could assert control over protecting their sexual health by demanding their husbands to stop having extra-marital affairs and/or by using contraceptives in marital sex.

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