Enfp dating esfj

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The extravert trait ensures that this character is open-minded and enthusiastic yet the intuitive portion of the personality allows the individual to be thoughtful and insightful.This combination can yield an idealistic individual with a lust for life and an appreciation for the feelings and motives of those around them.This individual’s ability to sense what their partner is feeling makes it easier to anticipate and meet their needs.The down-side of this attitude is that this is the sort of person who would completely overlook his or her own needs.Although devoted and highly motivated to make a relationship as healthy as possible, the “inspirer” will require room to be his or her self in the relationship.For the right person, this kind of relaxed and open attitude can be very refreshing.

ENFPs are often affectionate and considerate partners because of their need to please and be accepted.Boredom can drive this persona to act more impulsive than usual which could land him or her into trouble.Many individuals with this personality are not happy with the bog-standard life of a routine job and uneventful home life.This is where the partner needs to step in and provide for ENFP’s mental, emotional, and physical needs.This persona doesn’t necessarily run through relationships at an unhealthy rate, but when it is clear that things aren’t going to work out, the “inspirer” has no problem moving on.

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