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But when we start talking about Black people who are reluctant or disinterested in interracial dating, or the ones who say, “I’ll date someone of another race, but I’m marrying someone Black,” we need to start looking deeper at the psychology behind it.For a people with an incredibly complicated relationship with their nation and all it’s convoluted racial dynamics, it’s not as simple as preference. Lincoln Anthony Blades blogs daily on his site, This Is Your Every Tuesday, when the theater in the mall had half-price movie night—which ensured the young folks would be there—we would drive there to meet girls.And we were most definitely introduced to a scene that was very unfamiliar to us in many ways.Serena and Alexis are engaged and appear to be happy.

But social media continues to let us know that prejudice thinking individuals are still alive and well.Plus, who Serena Williams, or any woman who you aren’t dating for that matter, has NOTHING to do with you.Just sayin.’ For some of you, love will never be colorblind.Funny enough, a few years back, I ran into some of my old high school friends that I used to go to the mall with and we reminisced about old times.The one major theme they all relayed to me is that the women they messed around with some 15 years ago are now mostly married with kids—yet not a single one married a Black man.

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