Dating agencies cork

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They said that men want younger women and can get them and it isn't unusual for a man in his 50s to end up with a woman in her 30s.Men in the city have no problem meeting women if they make the effort but it's easier for men in the country than it was before.they promised they would contact me back immediately once they made contact with the gentleman but still nothing.What I'm trying to say its a big waste of money and please don't join them. I hope you get your money back from those Scam Artists O. :/ I don't know where you're based but there is a 2/3 Sites that have lots of Singles Nights especially in Dublin if you'd be interested in that.

This has been the first date for many, more likely to be on the 2nd or 3rd!

Basically I have nothing of substance to add, it is just a rant about annoying tv add.?

I have had a lot (too much) experience of being a single woman in Ireland.

They do come across very professional when you first speak to them.

hi, I think it is a shame that we cannot name the dating agencies.

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