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yet they went so far on the overkill that they neglected to make a simple and fast way to do the job.i swear, put the logic developers in a room with people who actually cut records for a living for a day with a notepad and a whole lot of coffee and logic would be without a doubt the coolest goddamn thing ever invented in audio.This will create new audio files that only have region content.Each of these files is timestamped in Logic with the original region position, so, when you bring your new files into a new track, use the "Move Regions to Original Record Position" command and they will pop to their original locations.all you gotta do after this is delete your unused files and then you can basically copy and hand the audio files folder out like a multitrack tape, everything is in there and synced, named, and can be opened in every DAW under the sun.but, i was trying to do this tonight in logic 9 (i just upgraded from 8 ) and it appears theyve still skipped right past this feature.

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I think I'm feeling the "Export All Audio Tracks" option..I will also try the Merge/Glue way,..I really need to be able to import tracks and have them line up the right way; which is a feature that consolidation does very well in PT - however, I have used the "Export All Audio Tracks" feature in the past - and it really works like a charm in regards to starting things @ measure 1.i will try these all of these options now and will let you all know how everything worked out for me. so just say you have audio that starts at 5 seconds on the timeline, but you want to give it a start time of 0 seconds, you just select the file and the gap before it, and hit consolidate. there just absolutely is no faster way of exporting files than this.Does anyone know the equivalent to "Consolidating" in Pro Tools - In Logic?I would like to consolidate audio regions into 1 single region,..DAW X will only give you one way to do something where Logic will give you 5 ways, but the one way in DAW X will may quicker and more direct.That said, I could give you a list of guys who use Logic who do in fact cut records for a living who communicate regularly with the developers and it really does not change their approach.

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